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Like a Flock of Dispossessed

ISSUE:  Summer 2020


Like a flock of dispossessed 
in a city of converts, we found our way 
to the Shamrock where the bikers 
congregated to play pool. 
To give of our body & to touch another’s body 
felt like a religious act, like an act
of loyalty & trust, not necessarily 
lust, but lust of the dispossessed,
lust of the insatiable,
of the lonely, lust of the powerful 
& privileged, lust of harm, of longing,
lust that desecrates the soul
& the body, terrible & never-ending, 
lust that one sees in the eyes 
of another,
lust of the violent,
lust of the dominant,
of the depraved,
lust that sees a body 
as simply a vessel 
for one’s lust.



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