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Form A

PUBLISHED: September 8, 2020


I need to try a syntax of each in place
of accounting: each-syntax as language 
within reach of one’s own body, 

not the body indefinite
and general but my own, your own
The necessary condition under 

which Being is granted
ought to be being itself. An each- 
syntax irreducible to a plasticized 

card listing name, age, gender, race, 
nation of birth—without 
collapsing those differences holding 

the you and the I. To see the face
of the other is to be called to right 
relation. I need a language more open 

than the language of forms, more 
spacious than the language poetry 
can be. In rooms. On pages. 

In what rooms? On what pages? 
Between the you and the I, here. 
This room. These pages. 



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