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Pathogenesis (n.)

ISSUE:  Fall 2022


(on racism) 

    1. sharpening the white epidermis to machete on 
      gum-grown whetstones belonging to inheritors 
      of mitochondrial Eve’s Earth-blown nakedness
      a.   see the Hamitic hypothesis, also Hamite


    2. founding fathers forging personhood in maggots and ribbons mute of color by convincing
      gods they are false idols since they swallow sunlight like it isn’t fire’s descendant
      a.   the antichrist is white jesus 
      b.   nothing celestial is blank 


    3. tar boiling Blackness to bone stewing beings into beens shrieks that tear skies swelling with
      great-grandmothers’ tears as onlookers hold daughters on their shoulders for better views 


    4. the tongue bitten off when a Black vaginal canal splits to sewer  hole from clitoris to coccyx or returning home a hollowed   conch amplifying the chatter on the Atlantic’s floor
      a.   blame J. Marion Sims 
      b.   see Hopkins’s researchers abducting us off sidewalks





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