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Prayer During A Fast

ISSUE:  Autumn 2003
I confess that I have
sinned against you
by what I have eaten
and by what I have
not left uneaten.
In my thirst for a beer,
in my word broken each day
before the ripe banana,
sweet roll and cheese,
in the pleasure I receive
from food and, rarely,
the charitable deed.
I have not loved you
with my whole body
not even my shattered heart
which can be consoled
only with chocolate.
I have not loved my hunger,
cannot imagine its good.
I am truly sorry
and humbly repent.
I’m an embarrassment
of flesh, so
beneath you. I beseech you—
do not abhor me.
In the name of your Son,
who fasted and prayed
and yet he was betrayed.


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