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VQR’s New Website

Welcome to our newly designed and relaunched website. While we are still in the midst of polishing the site, you will find these improvements:

  • A responsive website that automatically adapts to computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • A searchable website by issue, genre, contributor, tags, and general text search
  • A readable website with web-friendly fonts and text-focused design
  • A visual website that maximizes the presentation of photography and multimedia
  • A secure website with an integrated e-commerce store and online giving option
  • A community website with social media links, comment sections, and most popular list
  • An affordable website with 10 free articles per month or unlimited quarterly access for $6
  • A faster website that loads quickly on all devices

How can you support our efforts? Like us on social media, make a donation, purchase an issue, or just do what comes naturally: Read.