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Reprint, Autumn 1978

ISSUE:  Autumn 1978

Big Story, Peter Braestrup’s account of how the American press and television reported and interpreted the 1968 Tet crisis in Vietnam, is now available as an Anchor Reprint [$8.95]. John McPhee’s The Pine Barrens has been republished in paperback by Farrar, Straus & Giroux [$2.95]. Beacon has a paperback edition of Howard N. Meyer’s XIV, The Amendment That Refused to Die [$5.95]. Massachusetts is offering a new hardback edition of Ronald M. Peters, Jr.’s The Massachusetts Constitution of 1780, A Social Compact [$15.00], Dee Brown’s saga of the westward movement of American railroads, Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow, is a recent Bantam Book [$2.50], and Roger Kahn’s A Season in the Sun has been reprinted as a Berkley Book [$1.95],


Two volumes of Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus’s Notebooks, covering the years 1935—1942 and 1942—1951, respectively, have been republished as Harvest/ HBJ paperbacks [$3.95 each]. Cambridge has brought out a paperback edition of Dennis Bartholomeusz’s Macbeth and the Players [$8.95], Two new California paperbacks are Samuel Johnson: Selected Poetry and Prose, edited with an introduction by Frank Brady and W. K. Wimsatt [$6.95], and Miriam Lichtheim’s Ancient Egyptian Literature, Volume II: The New Kingdom [$3.95], Princeton is offering paperback editions of Bram Dijkstra’s Cubism, Stieglitz, and the Early Poetry of William Carlos Williams: The Hieroglyphics of a New Speech [$3.95] and Harvena Richter’s Virginia Woolf: The Inward Voyage [$4.95]. Fred C. Hobson, Jr.’s Serpent in Eden: H. L, Mencken and the South is a recent LSU Press paperback [$5.95]. MIT Press has issued a paperback edition of Stefan Morawski’s Inquiries into the Fundamentals of Aesthetics [$7.95]. Pantheon Books has published a paperback edition of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Sartre on Theater [$3.95],


Norman -and Jeanne MacKenzie’s account of England’s famous Fabians, particularly Sidney and Beatrice Webb, has been republished as a Touchstone Book [$6.95], Vintage Books has reprinted V. S. Pritchett’s critically lauded biography of the Russian master Ivan Turgenev, The Gentle Barbarian [$3.95], The late Andre” Malraux’s personal meditation on death, Lazarus, is a recent Evergreen Book [$2.95]. Pantheon Books has published a paperback edition of the life of another noted French intellectual, Simone Weil, by Simone Petrement [$5.95]. A charming, autobiographical account of life in late Victorian England is presented in M. V. Hughes’s A London Girl of the 1880s, a recent Oxford paperback [$3.50].


Vintage Books is offering four of James M. Cain’s hard-boiled, hard-hitting, and much acclaimed novels, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Double Indemnity, Serenade, and Mildred Pierce [$1.75 each]. California has published a paperback edition of Tales from Southern Africa as translated and retold by A. C. Jordan, with an introduction and commentaries by Harold Scheub [$3.95], Aaron Latham’s spritely spoof of the CIA’s methods and machinations, Orchids for Mother, is a recent selection of Bantam Books [$2.25],


Relations between the United States and its foremost ally are discussed by H. G. Nicholas in The United States and Britain, a recent paperback addition to Chicago’s Foreign Perspectives series [$3.25], Chicago has also reissued a paperback edition of Paul Hollander’s Soviet and American Society: A Comparison, with a new introduction to the work originally published in 1973 [$7.95]. A third Chicago paperback reprint is Eleanor Clark’s The Oysters of Locmariaquer, which won the 1964 National Book Award in Arts and Letters [$3.95].


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