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Reprint, Spring 1975

ISSUE:  Spring 1975

The 1817 first edition of “The Life of Andrew Jackson” by John Reid and John Henry Eaton has been edited by Frank L. Owsley, Jr. , and is No. 19 of the Southern Historical Publications issued by Alabama [$17.50]. Oklahoma has brought out a second printing of E. Wilson Lyon’s “The Man Who Sold Louisiana: The Career of François Barbé-Marbois” [$5.95]. Henry Cockburn’s “Memorials of His Time” was first published in 1856 and again in 1910 by his grandson, who restored passages omitted from the first edition. This later edition has now been edited by Karl Miller and published by Chicago [$19.50]. The Oxford English Memoirs and Travels series now includes in a single volume the auto-biographies of Charles Darwin and Thomas Henry Huxley, edited by Gavin de Beer [$10.75]. A Touchstone Book is “H. G. Wells: A Biography” by Norman and Jeanne MacKenzie [$4.95]. Three books in the Norton Library are Robert C. Tucker’s “Stalin as Revolutionary, 1879—1929,” Martin Esslin’s “Brecht: The Man and His Work,” and H. F. Peters’ “My Sister, My Spouse: A Biography of Lou Andreas-Salome” [$3.95 each]. H. D.’s “Tribute to Freud,” first published in 1956, has been reissued in a longer version by Godine [$10]. Schocken Books has issued Elias Canetti’s “Kafka’s Other Trial: The Letters to Felice,” translated by Christopher Middleton [$6.50]. Two Pocket Books are Henry Miller’s study of Rimbaud, “The Time of the Assassins” and Margaret Mead’s “Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years” [$1.95 each]. A Pitt Paperback is J. R. Hamilton’s “Alexander the Great” [$3.50]. A Nebraska Bison Book is James Woodress’s “Willia Cather: Her Life and Art” [$3.50].


Princeton’s “The Illustrated Walden,” with Thoreau’s text, edited by J. Lyndon Shanley, and photographs from the Gleason Collection, is now available in paperback [3—95]- Noonday Books are Edmund Wilson’s “Upstate: Records and Recollections of Northern New York” and “Xingu: The Indians, Their Myths” by Orlando Villas Boas and Claudio Villas Boas [$4.95 each]. Lawrence Buell’s “Literary Transcendentalism: Style and Vision in the American Renaissance” is a Cornell paperback [$3.45]. Macmillan has issued in paperback “Concise Anthology of American Literature,” edited by George McMichael and abridged from his two-volume “Anthology of American Literature” [$8.95]. A revised and expanded edition of Barbara Rose’s 1967 “American Art since 1900” has been made available by Praeger in hardback [$12.50] and paper [$6.95]. A Bantam Book is “Voices of the American Revolution” by the Peoples Bicentennial Commission [$1.75]. Three Norton Library books are T. H. Breen’s “The Character of the Good Ruler: Puritan Political Ideas in New England, 1630—1730” [$3’95L Jackson Turner Main’s “The Anti-federalists: Critics of the Constitution, 1781—1788” [$3.45], and Joel Williamson’s “After Slavery: The Negro in South Carolina during Reconstruction, 1861—1877” [$4.95], A Touchstone Book is Laurence M. Friedman’s “A History of American Law” [$4,95]. An Oxford Galaxy Book is Ernest R. May’s ” “Lessons” of the Past: The Use and Misuse of History in American Foreign Policy” [$2.95].


Ohio State has issued three more volumes in the Centenary Edition of the Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne: IX, “Twice-Told Tales” [$21]; X, “Mosses from an Old Manse” [$21]; and XI, “The Snow-Image” and “Uncollected Tales” [$17]. Volume V of the Centennial Edition of the Writings of William Gilmore Simms is “Stories and Tales” [South Carolina $25]. Two Southern Illinois Lost American Fiction books, edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli, are Janet Flanner’s “The Cubical City” (1926) and Stephen French Whitman’s “Predestined” (1910) [$8.95 each]. In the Oxford English Novels series may now be found Francis Coventry’s 1751 “Pompey the Little,” edited with an introduction by Robert Adams Day [$13]. A Noonday Book is Colette’s “The Vagabond” [$2.95]. Hill & Wang’s American Century Series now includes B. Traven’s “The Bridge in the Jungle” [$2.95], A Nebraska Bison Book is Wright Morris’s “The Huge Season” [$2.95]. A California paper-back is “Modern Brazilian Short Stories,” translated by William L. Grossman [$2.25]. A Bantam Book is Hesse’s “Peter Camenzind” [$1.50]. Two Pocket Books are Graham Greene’s “Our Man in Havana” [$1.25] and “The Confidential Agent” [$1.50].


Kenneth Burke’s “The Philosophy of Literary Form,” first published in 1941, is a California paperback [$4.95]. Two others are “Ezra Pound’s Mauberley: A Study in Composition” by John Espey [$2.25] and Stanley E. Fish’s “Self-Consuming Artifacts: The Experience of Seventeenth-Century Literature” [$3.95]. A Chicago paperback is Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “A Soviet Heretic,” edited and translated by Mirra Ginsburg [13—95]- A Noonday Book is Edmund Wilson’s “A Window on Russia” [$2.95]. Two Southern Illinois Arcturus paperbacks are James S. Atherton’s “The Books at the Wake: A Study of Literary Allusions in James Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake” “[$3.25] and Mark R. Hillegas’ “The Future as Nightmare: H. G. Wells and the Anti-Utopians” [$2.45]. In the Norton Library may be found Jan Kott’s “Shakespeare Our Contemporary” [$3.95] and Bridget Gellert Lyons’ “Voices of Melancholy: Studies in Literary Treatment of Melancholy in Renaissance England” [$3.45]. A Pocket Book is “A Visual Guide to Shakespeare’s Life and Times,” edited by Louis B. Wright and Elaine W. Fowler [$1.65] A Pennsylvania Paperback is William H. Marshall’s “The Structure of Byron’s Major Poems” [$3.45]. A paperback from Swallow is Sharon Spencer’s “Space, Time and Structure in the Modern Novel” [$3.95]. An Apollo Edition is “The Politics of Twentieth-Century Novelists,” edited by George A. Panichas [$4—50].


Norton has brought out a fifth edition of “World Civilizations” by Edward McNall Burns and Philip Lee Ralph in two forms: one-volume clothbound [$10.50] and two-volume paperbound [$6.50 each]. Books in the Norton Library include “An Interpretation of Universal History” by José Ortega y Gasset, “Russian Peasants and Soviet Power: A Study of Collectivization” by M. Lewin, “English Villagers of the Thirteenth Century” by George C. Homans [$4.95 each], “Worker in the Cane: A Puerto Rican Life History” by Sidney W. Mintz [$3.95], and “The Architecture of Humanism: A Study in the History of Taste” by Geoffrey Scott [$2.95]. A Delta Book is J. H. Plumb’s “In the Light of History” [$2.95]. Oxford has issued a second edition of Chester G. Starr’s “A History of the Modern World” [$15.95]. A third edition of Henry J. Abraham’s “The Judicial Process” has been brought out by Oxford hardbound [$12.95] and paperbound [$5.95]. A Hill & Wang Paper-back is Louis Turner’s “Multinational Companies and the Third World” [$3.45]. A Touchstone Book is “The Enlightenment A Comprehensive Anthology,” edited by Peter Gay [$5.95]. Free Press has brought out a revised edition of Walter Laqueur’s “A Dictionary of Politics” [$14.95]. Oklahoma has issued a new edition of E. Wilson Lyon’s “Louisiana in French Diplomacy, 1750—1804,” first published in 1934 [$8.95; paper $3.95]. A Pyramid Book is John Warwick Montgomery’s “The Quest for Noah’s Ark” [$1.75]. Two Pocket Books are “Daily Life in People’s China” by Arthur W. Galston with Jean S. Savage [$1.65] and “Essays in Philosophy,” edited by Houston Peterson [$1.50]. A Princeton/Bollingen paperback is Jung’s “The Psychoanalytic Years,” translated by R. F. C. Hull [$2.95]. Three Princeton paper-backs are James Harvey Young’s “The Medical Messiahs: A Social History of Health Quackery in Twentieth-Century America” [$3.95], George C. Williams’ “Adaptation and Natural Selection: A Critique of Some Current Evolutionary Thought” [$3.45], and Richard Krautheimer’s “Ghiberti’s Bronze Doors” [$5.95]. A Pantheon paperback is “Composers on Music: An Anthology of Composers’ Writings from Palestrina to Copland,” edited by Sam Morgenstern [$5.95].


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