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Reprint, Spring 1976

ISSUE:  Spring 1976

Jaws notwithstanding, the greatest literary leviathan of them all remains Moby-Dick, and Norton has issued a handsome, hardback new edition of Herman Melville’s novel, with a commentary by Howard Mumford Jones and 75 line drawing illustrations by Warren Chappel [$14.95]. Vintage Books has reprinted three P. G. Wodehouse classics, Mulliner Nights, The Code of the Woosters, and Leave it to Psmith [$1.95 each]. Popular Library has a one-volume edition of two Nancy Mitford novels, The Pursuit of Love and Love In A Cold Climate [$1.95]. Two additions to Popular Library’s “Lost American Fiction” series are John Thomas’s Dry Martini and Edith Summers Kelly’s The Devil’s Hand [$1.50 each]. Also from Popular Library: Quins Shanghai Circus by Edward Whittemore [$1,95] and Doris Lessing’s African Stories [$1.95]. The prolific Anthony Burgess is represented in a Bantam edition of Napoleon Symphony [$1.95], Dell has reprinted Eugene Burdick’s The Ninth Wave [$1.75] and Robert F. Jones’s Blood Sport [$1.50], while Pocket Books is offering Bernard Malamud’s Pictures of Fidelman [$1.75] and Berton Roueché’s Feral [$1.50]. Liveright has produced Great Russian Short Stories of the 19th and 20th centuries in paperback [edited by Stephan Gr’aham, $6.95]. The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde is a new Hart paperback [$1.95].


F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Crazy Sundays in Hollywood are recounted by Aaron Latham [Pocket Books, $1.95]. Phillip Roth’s Reading Myself and Others can now be read in a Noonday paperback [$3.95], and Doris Lund’s account of the triumphant and tragic life of her son, Eric, has been republished by Dell [$1.75]. Bollingen has brought out Moi, the 15th and final volume of The Collected Works of Paul Valéry [$15.00]. George Marshall and David Poling’s Schweitzer, A Biography has been published in paperback by Pillar Books [$1.95].


Vintage Books has published the paperback edition of Eugene D. Genovese’s Roll Jordan Roll, The World the Slaves Made [$5.95]. The American Condition as diagnosed by former New Frontiersman Richard N. Goodwin is now available as a Bantam paperback [$2.95], Two other new offerings from Bantam are Raoul Berger’s Congress v. The Supreme Court [$2.95] and Caroline Bird’s The Case Against College [$1.95], With an eye to the Bicentennial, the Norton Library has reprinted paperbacks of David Ammerman’s In the Common Cause, American Response to the Coercive Acts of 1774. [$2.95] and Benjamin W. Labaree’s Patriots if Partisans, the Merchants of Newburyport, 1764—1815 [$2.95].


Two additions to the Norton Library of paperbacks are August Strindberg’s A Dream Play and Four Chamber Plays [Translations and Introductions by Walter Johnson, $2.95] and Norman N. Holland’s The Dynamics of Literary Response [$4.45]. Ancient Egyptian Literature, Volume I: The Old and Middle Kingdoms by Miriam Lichtheim has been reissued in paperback by California [$3.95]. Another California paperback is An Anthology of Modern Arabic Poetry, selected, edited, and translated into English by Mounah A. Khouri and Hamid Algar [$3.95], Anchor Press has a paperback edition of Addison Gayle, Jr. ‘s The Way of the New World, the Black Novel in America [$3.95],


The wild, witty, and wonderful world of James Thurber can be seen anew in Dodd, Mead’s new hardback edition of Men, Women &Dogs [$8.95]. Prince ton has issued a paperback edition of Harold J. Gordon, Jr. ‘s Hitler and the Beer Hall Putsch [$6.95],


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