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Reprint, Spring 1977

ISSUE:  Spring 1977

A sixth hardback edition, revised and enlarged, of Allan Nevins and Henry Steele Commager’s A Short History of the United States has been published by Knopf [$15.95], Four new Louisiana paperbacks on Southern history are John Richard Alden’s The South in the Revolution, 1763—1789 [$6.95], Thomas Perkins Abernethy’s The South in the New Nation, 1789—1819 [$6.95], C. Duncan Rice’s The Rise and Fall of Black Slavery [$4,95], and Paul M. Gaston’s The New South Creed [$4.95]. Princeton is offering a paperback edition of Constance McLaughlin Green’s Washington, A History of the Capitol, 1800—1950 [$7.50]. Also among other new Princeton paperbacks: Daniel Calhoun’s The Intelligence of a People [$5,95] and James A. Field, Jr. ‘s America and the Mediterranean World [$5.95]. The Ladies of Seneca Falls, The Birth of the Woman’s Rights Movement is a Schocken Books’ paperback [$4.95], while Chicago has issued a third cloth-and-paper edition of Stanley M. Elkins’s Slavery, A Problem in American Institutional and Intellectual Life [$12.50 cloth, $3.95 paper].


Pocket Books has published the best-selling Spandau, the Secret Diaries of Albert Speer [$2.50] and the No. 1 best seller, Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye, memories of John F. Kennedy by Kenneth P. O’Donnell and David F. Powers with Joe McCarthy [$2.25]. Other new Pocket Books include Jack Valenti’s account of A Very Human President, Lyndon Johnson, [$1.95] and Percy Knauth’s A Season in Hell battling mental depression [$1.75]. Popular Library has reprinted The O’ Hara Concern, A Biography of John O’Hara by Matthew J. Bruccoli [$2.50]. Tennessee Williams’s Memoirs are available from Bantam Books [$1.95]. Schocken Books has a new paperback edition of The Basic Writings of Trotsky, edited and introduced by Irving Howe [$6.95].


Mary Wollstonecraft’s novels Mary and The Wrongs of Woman, edited with an introduction by Gary Kelly, have been published by Oxford as a one-volume hardback edition in its English Novels series [$12.00], A second Norton Critical Edition of Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage has also come out recently [$12.50]. Popular Library is offering Anne Tyler’s Searching for Caleb [$1.95], Bantam Books has added these novels to its list: R. M. Koster’s The Dissertation [$2.25], Jerzy Kosinski’s Cockpit [$2.25], Doris Lessing’s The Memoirs of a Survivor [$1.95], Nicholasa Mohr’s El Bronx Remembered [$1.25], and Tennessee Williams’s The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone [$1.75]. Also out as a Pocket Book: William Gass’s In the Heart of the Country and Other Stories [$1.95]. Schocken Books has a paperback edition of Olive Schreiner’s The Story of an African Farm, with an introduction by Doris Lessing [$4.95].


Oxford has issued a paperback edition of Paul Fussell’s The Great War and Modern Memory, a 1976 National Book Award winner [$3.50]. Barnes and Noble has a new hardback edition of Walt Whitman’s Selected Poems, edited by James Reeves and Martin Seymour-Smith [$10.50], Two new Noonday paperbacks are Susan Sontag’s Styles of Radical Will [$3.95] and Karl Stern’s Love and Success [$4.95]. A Princeton paperback is John B. Vickery’s The Literary Impact of The Golden Bough [$6.95]. Cambridge has reissued Norman Sherry’s Conrad’s Eastern World in paperback [$8.95].


Columbia has brought out a 50th anniversary edition of John Herman Randall, Jr. ‘s The Making of the Modem Mind, with a foreword by Jacques Barzun [$20.00 hardback, $7.00 paper]. Peter Gay’s Style in History is a recent McGraw-Hill paperback [$3.95].


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