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Reprint, Spring 1979

ISSUE:  Spring 1979

Three of Henry James’s novels have recently been issued in new editions, two in hardback by Norton and a third in paperback by Grove Press. Republished in the Norton Critical Edition Series were The American [$14.95] and The Wings of the Dove [$17.50], while Grove Press is offering The Sacred Fount [$2.95]. J. B. Priestly, the prolific British writer, has assembled My 3 Favorite Novels in a new Stein and Day hardback [$15.00], the novels being Angel Pavement, Bright Day, and Sir Michael and Sir George.Pocket Books has reprinted John living’s The Water-Method Man [$2.50], a predecessor of The World According to Garp.Vintage has reissued William Faulkner’s Knight’s Gambit, a collection of six mystery stories [$1.95], and Bantam Books has a paperback version of Pete Hamill’s Flesh and Blood [$2.50], Shambhala has published a paperback edition of Nobel Prizewinner Juan Ramo nJime nez’s Platero and I [$4.95].


William K. Wimsatt and Cleanth Brooks’s Literary Criticism, A Short History is available in a two-volume Chicago paperback edition, the first volume covering “Classical & Neoclassical Criticism” and the second “Romantic & Modern Criticism” [$6.95 per volume]. Allen Tate’s Collected Poems, 1919—1976, winner of the 1978 Lenore Marshall Prize for Poetry, has been reprinted in paperback by Farrar, Straus & Giroux [$6.95], Robert Coles’s essays on novels by James Agee, Elizabeth Bowen, and George Eliot, Irony in the Mind’s Life, is available as a New Directions Paperbook [$4.95]. A new Yale paperback is Calvin S. Brown’s A Glossary of Faulkner’s South [$3.95]; also available as a Yale paperback is Richard A. Lanham’s Style, An Anti-Textbook [$3.95], George Herbert and the Seventeenth-Century Religious Poets, selected and edited by Mario A. Di Cesare, is a recent addition to the Norton Critical Editions Series [$14.95]. Cambridge has published a second hardback edition of Keith Sagar’s The Art of Ted Hughes [$29.95; also available as a $7.95 paperback], as well as a paperback edition of J. L. Styan’s Chekhov in Performance, a commentary on the Russian dramatist’s major plays [$9.95]. A new Harvest/HBJ Book is C. S. Lewis’s Narrative Poems [$3.95]. Grove Press has published a handsome paperback edition of Donald Keene’s World Within Walls, a study of Japanese literature of the pre-modern era, 1600—1867 [$9.50].


Moments of Being, unpublished autobiographical writings of Virginia Woolf, has been reprinted as a Harvest/HBJ Book [$2.95]. John Ruskin’s autobiography, Praeterita, with an introduction by Kenneth Clark, is a recent Oxford paperback [$7.95]; also out as an Oxford paperback is historian R. G. Collingwood’s An Autobiography, with a new introduction by Stephen Toulmin [$5.95], William Carlos Williams’s I Wanted to Write a Poem: The Autobiography of the Works of a Poet is now available as a New Directions Paperbook [$3.45]. Pocket Books has republished Andrew Sinclair’s Jack: A Biography of Jack London [$2.50]. A new Avon Book is Daniel Hoffman’s Poe Poe Poe Poe Poe toe Poe [$2.95]. Jack Newfield’s Robert F. Kennedy: A Memoir is a recent Berkeley Book [$2.50].


Benedetto Croce’s renowned treatise on the theory of art, Aesthetic, has been published in paperback by Nonpareil Books [$7.50]. Columbia has brought out a second hardback edition of the late David L. Clarke’s highly acclaimed Analytical Archaeology, revised by Bob Chapman [$25.00]. Volume VI of the New Cambridge Modern History, The Rise of Great Britain and Russia, 1688—1725, edited by J. S. Bromley, is out as a paperback [$16.95],


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