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Reprint, Winter 1977

ISSUE:  Winter 1977

A new addition to the Norton Library is Richard D. Brown’s Revolutionary Politics in Massachusetts [$4.95], Also dealing with the Revolution is American Rebels, personal narratives of the conflict edited and introduced by Richard M. Dorson, a Pantheon paperback [$3.95], Rush Welter’s The Mind of America, 1820—1860 is a Columbia paperback [$5.95 J. A new hardback edition of Margaret Bassett’s Profiles and Portraits of American Presidents has been issued by McKay [$12.50]. Bantam has brought out Edmund Wilson’s account of the Jazz Age, The Twenties [$2.50]. Two handsome paperbacks devoted to Gotham’s architectural glories are respectively New York Landmarks, edited by Alan Burnham and published by Wesleyan [$10.00], and History Preserved, a guide to the city’s landmarks and historic districts, compiled by Harmon H. Goldstone and Martha Dalrymple and published by Schocken Books [$8.95].


Lionel Trilling’s The Liberal Imagination is a new Scribner’s paperback [$3.95], A Chicago paperback is Pre-Raphaelitism, a collection of critical essays edited and introduced by James Sambrook [$4.95]. Leo Salinger’s Shakespeare and the Traditions of Comedy [$6.95] and Shakespeare in His Own Age, edited by Allardyce Nicoll [$7.95], are Cambridge paperbacks. Touchstone has a paperback edition of Will and Ariel Durant’s Interpretations of Life, a study of major contemporary authors [$4.95]. Another Chicago paperback is Alice van Buren Kelley’s The Novels of Virginia Woolf, Fact and Vision [$4.95].


Three works now available in the Norton Library of paperbacks are Eric Bentley’s Bernard Shaw, A Reconsideration [$3.95], Kathryn Kish Sklar’s Catharine Beecher, A Study in American Domesticity [$4.95], and Wilma Dykeman and James Stokely’s Seeds of Southern Change, the Life of Will Alexander [$4.95], Winston S. Churchill’s Great Contemporaries has joined the Chicago list of paperbacks [$4.95]. Willa Cather Living, a personal record by Edith Lewis, has been reprinted by Nebraska [$2.95, paperback]. Schocken Books is offering a new paperback edition of / Am A Memory Come Alive, the autobiographical writings of Franz Kafka [$5.95]. California’s hardback Library Reprint Series has a new edition of Blake Nevius’s Edith Wharton [$13.75].


The hardback Lost American Fiction series of Southern Illinois has new editions of Carroll and Garrett Graham’s Queer People, with an afterword by Budd Schulberg [$7.95], and John Monk Saunder’s Single Lady, with an afterword by Stephen Longstreet [$8,95]. Random House has republished Shelby Foote’s Shiloh in hardback [$8.95]. Nebraska has made available Willa Cather’s 1903 novel, April Twilights, in paperback, edited with an introduction by Bernice Slote [$2.25]. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc. has a one-volume, paperback edition of Colette’s The Complete Claudine [$6.95], translated by Antonia White and containing these novels: Claudine at School, Claudine in Paris, Claudine Married, and Claudine and Annie. Anne Tyler’s Celestial Navigation has been reissued by Bantam Books [$1.75],


A. J. P. Taylor’s The Habsburg Monarchy, 1890—1918 [$4.45] and Charles E. Rosenburg’s The Trial of the Assassin Guiteau, Psychiatry and Law in the Gilded Age [$4.95] are recent Chicago paperbacks. Nora Ephron’s Crazy Salad is a new Bantam offering [$1.95], while Anchor Books has a new edition of Chinua Achebe’s Morning Yet on Creation Day [$2.50 J. George C. Herring, Jr. ‘s Aid to Russia, 1941—46: Strategy, Diplomacy, the Origins of the Cold War is a Columbia paperback [$5.50].


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