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Reprints & New Editions

ISSUE:  Winter 1995

A Selective List


Originally published more than three decades ago, Edmund Wilson’s Patriotic Gore: Studies in the Literature of the American Civil War was instantly acclaimed as a classic commentary on the greatest tragedy in American history. It is a brilliant portrait of the Civil War as reflected in the lives and writings of some 30 representative Americans. Wilson’s critical/biographical portraits include such prominent figures as Harriet Beecher Stowe, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Oliver Wendell Holmes. Norton has published a new paper edition of what many regard as Wilson’s greatest work [$15.95]. Norton is also out with a paper edition of Robert William Fogel’s Without Consent or Contract: The Rise and Fall of American Slavery, a sequel to Time on the Cross of which he was the co-author and which marked the start of a new period of slavery scholarship [$14.95], Francis Park-man’s The Oregon Trail has long been regarded as one of the seminal books of American literature and a new edition of Parkman’s epic is now available in Nebraska’s Bison Book series [$22.50 paper]. Nebraska is also offering as a Bison Book a reprint of The Indian War of 1864 by Captain Eugene F. Ware with an introduction by John D. McDermott [$14.95 paper]. First published 40 years ago, Bell Irvin Wiley’s The Road to Appomattox marked one of the first efforts by a Civil War scholar to identify the internal causes of the South’s defeat. The short work remains one of the most penetrating discussions of the subject, and LSU recently published a paper edition of it [$9.95], Johns Hopkins is out with a paper edition of Beth Bailey and David Farber’s The First Strange Place: Race and Sex in World War II Hawaii [$14.95] and Charles C. Eucher’s Playing the Field: Why Sports Teams Move and Cities Fight to Keep Them [$14.95]. New England has published the first paperback edition of Ellen Willis’ No More

Nice Girls: Countercultural Essays which the New York Times Book Review lauded for its “intellectual sophistication and rich historical perspective” [16.95]. Pittsburgh has a new edition of Michael B. Berkman’s The State Roots of National Politics: Congress and the Tax Agenda, 1978—1986 [$49.95 cloth, $15.95 paper]. Joseph J. Thorndike’s The Coast: A Journey Down the Atlantic Shore From Maine to Florida is now available in paperback from St. Martin’s [$12.95]. Houghton Mifflin has a paper edition of Kathleen Norris’ evocation of the Great Plains and its influence on the human spirit entitled Dakota [$9.95]. Indiana has reprinted Linda Reed’s Simple Decency and Common Sense: The Southern Conference Movement, 1938-1963, a pioneering study of white Southern liberalism [$29.95 cloth, $10.95 paper]. Recent Vintage books include Melvin Konner’s Medicine at the Crossroads: The Crisis in Health Care [$12.00]; Jordan A. Schwarz’s The New Dealers: Power Politics in the Age of Roosevelt [$13.00]; Neil Postman’s The Disappearance of Childhood [$10.00]; and Thomas E. Patterson’s Out of Order [$12.00].


A native of Connecticut, Gideon Welles came to prominence in his late 50’s and early 60’s as Lincoln’s secretary of the Navy and close personal friend. His story is told by John Niven in Gideon Welles: Lincoln’s Secretary of the Navy which Louisiana has reprinted in a paper edition [$17.95], Two other Civil War figures are also the subjects of recent Louisiana paper editions, one being Charles C. Osbourne’s Jubal: The Life and Times of General Jubal A. Early, CSA, Defender of the Lost Cause [$16.95] and the other being The Diary of Miss Emma Holmes, 1861-1866 [$16.95]. Louisiana is also offering a paper edition of Charles Royster’s Light-horse Harry Lee and the Legacy of the American Revolution [$12.95]. Washington has issued an illustrated abridged edition of James J. Fahey’s Pacific War Diary edited by Von Hardesty which Captain Edward L. Beach, author of Run Silent, Run Deep, deemed “one of the best books about the war” [$29.95 paper]. St. Martin’s is out with a paper edition of Stephen Spender’s autobiography World Within World with a new introduction by the author [$14.95]. Princeton is offering a paper edition of Warren F. Kimball’s The Juggler: Franklin Roosevelt as Wartime Statesman [$14.95], Also available as a Princeton paperback is an abridged edition of The Freud/Jung Letters edited by William McGuire [$12.95]. A recent edition to Nebraska’s Bison Book series is John W. Thomason Jr.’s Jeb Stuart, a biography of the legendary Confederate cavalryman [$14.95 paper]. Tennessee has a revised edition of Held Captive By Indians: Selected Narratives, 1642-1836 edited by Richard VanDerBeets [$18.95 paper]. Anthony Burgess’ Shakespeare is again available as an Elephant Paperback from Ivan R. Dee [$13.95]. Johns Hopkins has a paper edition of Deborah Kaplan’s Jane Austen Among Women [$14.95]. Massachusetts is offering a second edition with a new preface of Eugenia Kaledin’s The Education of Mrs. Henry Adams, a biography of Clover Adams [$15.95 paper], Missouri has republished Drew Gilpin Faust’s Southern Stories: Slaveholders in Peace and War, a collection of essays about male slaveholders [$32.50 cloth, $16.95 paper]. The New Press has reprinted Laurie Lee’s A Moment of War, a memoir of the Spanish Civil War which was a New York Times Book Review Book of the Year [$9.95 paper]. Vintage Books has new editions of John Kerr’s A Most Dangerous Method: The Story of Jung, Freud, and Sabina Spielrein [$16.00], and Ron Chernow’s The War-burgs: The 20th Century Odyssey of a Remarkable Jewish Family [also $16.00],


New editions to the Oxford Poetry Library paperback series include William

Blake, edited by Michael Mason; George Herbert, edited by Louis L. Martz; and John Milton, edited by S. Orgel and J. Goldberg [$7.95 each volume]. Italian poet Eugenio Montale won the Nobel Prize for Cuttlefish Bones, a work which was translated into English by the renowned classicist and critic William Arrowsmith. Norton recently published a new paper edition of Cuttlefish Bones [$10.95]. Norton has also reprinted a paper edition of Audre Lorde’s The Marvelous Arithmetics of Distance: Poems, 1987-1993 [$8.95]. HarperPeren-nial has republished Susan Mitchell’s collection The Water Inside the Water [$12.00]. Recent Knopf paper reprints include Travels, poems by W.S. Merwin [$12.00]; Thanksgiving Over the Water, poems by Stephen Sandy [$11.00]; Hotel Lautreamont, poems by John Ashbery [$13.00]; If It Be Not I: Collected Poems, 1959-1982 of Mona Van Duyn [$15.00]; and Firefall, Poems by Mona Van Duyn [$11.00].


Originally published in 1934, John O’Hara’s Appointment in Samarra was widely praised—and widely condemned— for its frank language and subject matter, but it established O’Hara as a major American writer. A new edition of Appointment has been published as part of the Modern Library of the World’s Best Books [$13.50 cloth]. The latest editions to Louisiana’s new series, Voices of the South, a paper reprint series of leading Southern fiction writers, include Willie Morris’ The Last of the Southern Girls [$11.95]; Erskine Caldwell’s Poor Fool [$9.95]; Joan Williams’ The Morning and the Evening [$11.95]; and Robert Penn Warren’s Band of Angels [$12.95]. A recent addition to Otto Penz-ler’s Sherlock Holmes Library is James Edward Holroyd’s Baker Street By-Ways, a series of essays focusing on the famous English detective [$8.00 paper]. Amistad Press has a new edition of Barbara Summers short story collection Nouvelle Soul [$8.95 paper]. Collier Books is offering a paper edition of Benjamin Cheever’s The Plagiarist, a first novel by the son of John Cheever [$12.95 paper]. Recent paper reprints issued by Washington Square Press include Fenton Johnson’s Scissors, Paper, Rock [$10.00]; Stephen Stark’s Second Son [$12.00]; and Robert Goddard’s Hand in Glove [$12.00]. As part of its Enriched Classics series, Washington Square Press is offering a new paper edition of Mark Twain’s classic Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [$4.99]. Among the recent Vintage reprints are these: Thomas Mann’s Bud-denbrooks: The Decline of a Family, translated by John E. Woods [$15.00]; The Novellas of Martha Gellhorn [$15.00]; Haruki Murakami’s The Elephant Vanishes [$12.00]; and A.S. Byatt’s Angels and Insects: Two Novellas [$12.00].


Peter Gay’s The Cultivation of Hatred was the third and final volume in his three volume study of 19th-century Europe entitled the Bourgeois Experience: Victoria to Freud, the first volume being Education of the Senses and the second being The Tender Passion. This study of the aggression lurking beneath the surface of a bourgeois culture, the aggression that culminated in the explosion of 1914, has been reissued in a paper edition by Norton [$15.00]. Norton is also offering a paper reprint of economist Robert Heilbroner’s Twenty First Century Capitalism [$10.00]. Robert Bartlett’s The Making of Europe: Conquest, Colonization and Cultural Change, 950-1350 was selected as one of Choice’s Outstanding Academic Books of 1993 and was praised by Eric Christiansen in the New York Review of Books as “the most stimulating and well-written reassessment of medieval Europe that has appeared for many years.” The Making of Europe was recently reissued in a paper edition by Princeton [$16.95]. Princeton has also reprinted The Diplomats: 1919-1939, a collection of essays edited by Gordon A. Craig and Felix Gilbert about the fatal course of diplomacy during the long weekend between the two world wars [$24.95], Chapel Hill is offering a new edition of Eric Williams’ Capitalism and Slavery with a new introduction by Colin A. Palmer [$34.95 cloth, $14.95 paper]. Wisconsin has published a second edition of African Population and Capitalism: Historical Perspectives edited by Dennis D. Cordell and Joel W. Gregory [$40.00 cloth, $17.95 paper], Missouri is out with a paper edition of Joseph D. Ketner’s The Emergence of the African-American Artist: Robert S. Dun-canson, 1821-1872 [$39.95 cloth, $27.50 paper]. The New Press has republished Mosche Lewin’s The Making of the Soviet System: Essays in the Social History of Interwar Russia with a new preface by the author [$16.95 paper]. Recent offerings from Vintage Books include Stan Sesser’s The Lands of Charm and Cruelty: Travels in Southeast Asia [$12.00]; Michel Foucault’s The Birth of the Clinic: An Archaeology of Medical Perception [$10.00]; Pico Iyer’s Falling Off the Map: Some Lonely Places of the World [$10.00]; Mark Danner’s The Massacre at El Mozote [$12.00]; and Leto Tejada-Flores’ Breakthrough on Skis: How to Get Out of the Intermediate Rut [$12.00],


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