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Reprints and New Editions

ISSUE:  Summer 1942

A Selective hkl

“Tin: Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci,” arranged and translated hy Edward Mac Curdy and illustrated with sixty-four of da Vinci’s drawings, is now reprinted from the original plates and handsomely and substantially bound in one volume at a connnendably low price | Garden City $2.75]. Twelve water-colors by William Rlake form the illustrations for the Heritage Club “Pilgrim’s Progress,” [$3.00] which is similar in format to their recent edition of “Paradise Lost” and quite up to that excellent standard. “Poetic Drama,” edited and with an introduction by Alfred Kreymborg and containing plays from the ancient Greek times down to modern American, is an unusually interesting anthology consisting of thirty-three selections, among them many which are reprinted comparatively seldom: Euripides’ “Ion,” Ren .(onson’s “Volpone,” Racine’s “Athalic,” Webster’s “The White Devil,” and Lope de Vega’s “The Sheep Well.” [Modern Age $5]. Anthony Trollope’s “The Way We Live Now,” in two volumes, is offered in the World’s Classics [Oxford Ofic each]. A somewhat slim but on the whole, well chosen selection from the poetry and prose of Robert Browning in the Clarendon Press series is edited by Sir Humphrey Milford | Oxford $1.25].


“The Life and Writings of Abraham Lincoln,” edited and with a long biographical eisay by Philip Van Dorcn Stern, was appropriately issued in February in the Modern Library giant series [$1.45 |. Jan Valtin’s “Out of the Night” is issued in very acceptable format, reasonably priced,” by Alliance [$l.<>9]. Other biographical offerings are: “My Life,” the autobiography of Haveloek Ellis [ Halcyon House ‘$1 .!!)]; and the “Ad-

ventures Morocco

of David Grayson,” in green leather, boxed (Sun Dial %M),


Carl Becker’s “The Declaration of Independence, a Study in the History of Political Ideas,” is made available, in an excellent new edition with a special introduction by the author [Knopf $:t]. “The Revolution of Nihilism,” by Hermann Rauschning is cheaply bound and printed on inferior paper | Star $!)]. “A Shortened History of England” is George Ma-caulay Trcvclyan’s jijridgment of his original “History.” Fresh material has been added, bringing it up to date. [Longman’s $;>.5()|. Douglas Miller’s “You Can’t Do Business with Hitler,” is issued in a revised edition by Pocketbooks [215c.].


A second edition of Alfred Korzybski’s “Science and Sanity, an Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics,” complete with the famous “semanticists’ necklace,” is brought out) appropriately enough, by the International Non-Aristotelian Library Publishing Company. It contains a new introduction by tlx- author and additional bibliography [$<>]. Ambrose Biercc’s “Devil’s Dictionary” appears in an imitation leather binding which cannot well he complained of in view of the low price [Tower Books tttc]. Complaint can be made, however, of the poor binding and of extremely inferior paper on which Gertrude Stein’s “Three Lives” is reissued. There is an introduction by Carl Van Vechten [New Classics $1], A trade edition of “The Negro Caravan,” containing writings of American Negroes selected and edited by Sterling A. Brown, Arthur P. Davis, and Ulysses Lee, has been issued by The Dryd’en Press [$L’25|. i

ivliv A Selective List


“The Greek Historians,” two volumes, containing the complete works of Herodotus, Thueydides, Xenophon, and Arrian, translated hy Rawlinsori, Jowett, Dakyns, and Chinnock respectively and edited by Francis R. B. Godolphin, [Random House $5] appear as a companion set to the equally readable and attractively bound two-volume edition of “The Complete Greek Drama.” Wisely the Modern Library adds to its standard series “The Complete Works of Tacitus” in the Church and Brodribb translations [05 cents]. The new streamlined version of “The Republic of Plato,” done by I. A. Richards in basic English, is printed in a very agreeable format [Norton $2.f>0], “Latin Literature in Translation,” edited by Guinagh and Dorjahn and printed in both text and trade editions, is remarkably handy for its more than eight hundred pages of uncut selections from twenty-eight well chosen writers [Longmans .ft and $5].

“New Directions in Prose and Poetry 10II,” the sith in an annual series edited by James Laughlin is a large, sturdily bound volume containing in addition to reprinted American and English “advance guard” literature an interesting collection of modern Russian, German, French, and Czech writings in translation [New Directions $3.50], Louis Unter-mcyer’s companion anthologies, “Modern American Poetry” and “Modern British Poetry,” have been recently revised and brought up-to-date for the first time in six years [Harcourt $3.75 and $3.50]. Drama devotees should have no complaint over the neat, cheap Modern Library edition of four plays by Lillian Hellman including “The Little Foxes” and “Watch on the Rhine” [05 cents],

FICTION Of the two new editions of Tolstoy’s

“War and Peace” just issued, the Modern Library giant [$1.15] in the Garnett translation is the cheaper and more compact: the bulky, dressed-up Simon and Schuster Inner Sanctum edition [$3] in the Maude translation contains reprints of maps from the Limited Editions Club edition and is printed in larger type on liner paper. Flaubert’s novels, “Madame. Bovary,” “Salanunbo,” and “The Temptation of St. Anthony,” bound in one volume at a eonunendably low price [$]] are now added to the, work of Voltaire and Zola in tin: readable Garden City series of best known works of famous authors. The very popular, picaresque Mexican novel, “The Itching Parrot,” by Jose Joaquin Fernandez de Lizardi, a social rebel of the late eighteenth century, is translated into English for the first time by Katherine Anne Porter [Doubleday $2.50]. To its standard scries Modern Library adds at an appropriate time the American war classic, “The Red Badge of Courage,” by Stephen Crane [i)5 cents],


George Santayana’s “Realms of Being” is a compact but poorly printed volume [Scribner’s $-1], The war edition of John Gunther’s “Inside Asia” is a thoroughly revised and considerably expanded volume including a new chapter on Pacific war strategy [Harper $3.50]. “Belgium,” the official account of what happened in that country during 103!)-1910, was authorized by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is printed in English for the first time [Didier $2.50], Prompted by the present world conflict, Duell, Sloan and Pearce has published a newly revised and expanded war edition of Waldo Frank’s “Virgin Spain,” first printed in 1926 [$3.50]. Bernard Darwin’s “At Odd Moments” is a slim, crotchety anthology of personal preferences in prose and poetry, predominantly from the compiler’s favorites, Dickens and books of sport [Oxford $1.75].

Am par Kit

Iv A Selective List

‘ “Die Confessions of St. Augustine.” Hooks 1-X, translated by F. .1. Sliced arc issued in tlie Catholic Masterpiece Tutorial Series l>y Sliced X Ward $. Alhlahooks have added in tile usual attractive design of this scries the “Letters of Ahelard and Ilcloise,” translated liy C K. Seotl Moncrieff | Kno|)f A selection of Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales,” edited by Edwin J. Howard and (iiirdon 1). Wilson, is brought out by The Anchor Press. Oxford. Ohio (*l.-JO|. Two new titles added to Blue Ribbon Hooks are “The Best Known Works of Washington Irving” and “The Bcsl Know?) Works of Thomas Carlyle” | ^1 each |. A well-designed and charmingly bound edition of Mrs. Browning’s “Sonnets from the Portuguese” appears under the imprint of Holiday House | $1.501. o. i)7I of Everyman’s Library is the “Life of William Make” by Alexander Oilehrisl. edited by Huthvcn Todd. It is issued as a companion volume to No. 7!)L the “Poems and Prophecies of William Blake,” and has the further attraction of being Hlustrated by Blake’s woodcuts to Virgil, executed in 1Kif 1 | !>;”> cents].


“Ambassador Dodd’s Diary.” edited by William K. Dodd, Jr. and Martha Dodii, appears in a timely and attractive new edition, with an introduction by Charles A. Heard [‘Harcoiirt, Brace $.H<). “Civil Disobedience.” first delivered as a lecture by Henry D.uid Thorcau and first published in IKH) in tin first number of Aesthetic Papers, edited by Elizabeth Peabody, is now reprinted in pamphlet form in the Beacon Series and marked as “made in tile U. S. A., exported to India, now used in Europe” | The “> x X Press cents], Pocketbooks issue a revised edition of Edmund Taylor’s “The Strategy of Terror” [25 cents]. “Economics for Everybody” by Mervyn Cro-baugb, “a nontechnical summary of ceo

nomic ideas” is made available in the list of Tower Hooks | 1!) cents |. Forum Hooks lias reprinted in an attractive inexpensive format the llerndon “Life, of Lincoln,” edited with an Introduction and Notes by Paul M. Angle |’X!> cents].


On the list of Alhbbonks is now to be found Walter de la Mare’s “Memoirs of a Midget,” in an attractive new edition, with a Preface by Carl Van Dorcn | Knopf .T’-‘|. The Press of the Readers Club brings out “Angel Pavement” by ,1. H. Priestley, with a Foreword by Sinclair Lewis. This is a well-made new edition of a popular book which has been out of print for .some time |-f’l.aO |. Sinclair Lewis’ * “Arrowsmith” is added to the increasing number of I’oekelbooks, with ii prefatory statement pointing out the suitability of these books as gills to Army libraries ] >’) cents |.


The King’s Crown Press, a Division of Columbia L’niversity Press, brings out Richard TickeH’s “Anticipation.” the first reprint of this political and literary satire since IH22, It is edited by L. II. Butter-field and has a Foreword by Randolph 0. Adams |!rl.5()|. “Words’mid Days, A Table-Book of Prose and Verse,” compiled by Bowycr Nichols and first published in IN<)5, is re-issued after being out of print since 1 !)_’_’. There is a new preface by Logan Pcarsall Smith [Oxford ’ Helen Waddcll’s “The Desert Fathers,” is reprinted in the Catholic Masterpiece Tutorial Series by Sliced and Ward | $1 ]. A new edition of Antoine de Sainl-Exiipery’s “Night Flight” is cheaply bound and printed on inferior paper [Triangle Hooks I!) cents]. The Vanguard Press presents “As William James Said: A Treasury of His Work,” selected and edited by Elizabeth Perkins Aldrich. Thin attractive volume is illustrated with a number of hitherto unpublished drawings by William .lames |>_J.7.’i].


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