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Reprints and New Editions

ISSUE:  Autumn 1941

Since 1/5BO there have been countle* English editions of Thomas a Kerapis’j The Imitation of Christ. Edward J Klein has prepared a new edition of thll classic from the first English version, thaj of Richard Whitford. Spelling and punt); tuation have been modernized, and tbi book is most attractively printed (Hai per $8). In Europe at War sixty cartoon! by David Low arc. combined with a narrj tive text (Penguin 2:”>e.). A cheaper edi; tion of The Education of II*Y*M*Att K*A*P*L*A*N, by Leonard Q. Ross, ( most welcome. (Harbrace $l.J/9). Othej new publications are Vincent Sheean’j Not Peace but a Sword (Star $1); Ami* ica’s Old Masters, studies of West, Copj lev, Peale, and Stuart, by James Thorn; as Flexner (Garden City $1.79)’, Tbj Tyranny of Words, by Stuart Chj* (Harbrace $1.09); George Genhwini Songbook (Simon <$ Schuster $Un

A Selective List

The Complete Poetry and Selected Prose of John Donne and the Complete Poetry of William Make bears a title appropriate in length to the size of the volume (Random $8 f>0). The. introduction is by Robert Hillyer and the texts are those of the Nonesuch Press edition. Hilaire Bclloc’s Cautionary Parses have been collected into one volume (Knopf $8) with the witty pen and ink pictures of 15. T. B. and Nicholas Bentlcy. The American edition of The (lolden Treasury of Scottish Poetry, edited by Hugh MacDiannid (Mac-mil! an $2.r>0) and The Poems of Alice Meynell (Oxford -$1.50) arc both of them unpretentious but well made books. The Craigic edition of The Complete Poetical Works of Longfellaxv is printed in the. depressing two-coluinns-to-the-pnge style of a school anthology (Houghton $11)0).

Fiction with illustrations

The making of a fine book which is also a practicable book for reading is a difficult task and one seldom performed. Macmillan has achieved it in an edition of Hardy’s Under the Greenwood Tree, illustrated with wood engravings by Clare Leighton which are quite adequate to the text ($3S>0). This season’s offerings by the Heritage Club are Alice in Wonderland with the. Tennicl illustrations ($2.~>0) Treasure Island illustrated a bit too much in costume by Edward A. Wilson ($2ft0) ; and A Sentimental Journey with water colors by Sylvaln Sauvage ($-‘i). The latter is an unusually charming example of the binder’s and the illustrator’s art. Garden City’s complete, uncxpurgated Droll Stories is edited by Ernest Boyd and most felicitously and pi-quantly illustrated by Ralph Barton ($1.89). Rockwell Kent has again performed superbly in his drawings for Esther Shepard’s version of Paul Hun yon (Harcourt $2.Hi)).


Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey ap pears in print for a second time this sea son in Great Short Novels, an antliologi by Edward Weeks otherwise drawn fron writers of the past hundred years (Don bleday $8). Great Short Stories of th World, edited by Barrett II. Clark am Maxim T.icber, contains one hundred ant seventy-eight stories in twenty groups fron 1400 B. C. to James Branch Cabell (Hdlc yon $1.08). The Everyman’s Library presents Anatole Prance’s At the Sign flj the Heine Pedauque and The. Revolt Oj the Angels in one volume (Dutton 90c.) Thomas Ueer’s three studies of Ainericat life at the turn of the century have beei appropriately linked together in one com memorativc volume, Hanua, Crane, ant The Mauve Decade (Knopf -$8.777). Cur tain Calls consists of four three-act ant nine one-act plays by Noel Coward (Gar den City $1.89).



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