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Reprints and New Editions

ISSUE:  Autumn 1943

“This volume lives up to the promise of the first, and will prove fascinating and timely reading to everyone interested in leadership in war.”-Atof. Gen. L B, Kramer, Springfield Republican

Zee’s Ckutemnts

A STUDY IN COMMAND Vol. II: Cedar Mountain to Chancellorsville

bij Douglas Southall Freeman—

“If anybody had any doubt that this magnificent biography was not even better than Freeman’s great life of Lee, then the reading of the second volume will remove it . . . Search as far as you will and you will not find a more dramatic, exciting or moving piece of writing. Dr. Freeman is the master biographer of these times.”—Boston Herald. “Grows in importance with each volume. No such adventure Into the minutiae of military character study has been previously attempted by an American. What Freeman does superbly, is to illumine the inner workings of the organization which Lee forged and which he kept improving in spite of awful losses and cantankerous bickerings among his lieutenants.”—Lloyd Lewis, Chicago Daily News. Wifh portraits and specially drawn maps.


“This book will hold interest and value for American readers a century from now, two centuries from now. It is a rare and exciting experience to be able to say that with confidence of a newly-published book.”—John T. Frederick, Chicago Sun

Thomas Wolfe’s Letters to His Mother

Edited, with an introduction, by John S. Terry

“Will be welcomed by the thousands everywhere who read the novels of Thomas Wolfe . . . All who admired his genius—he was nothing less—will be glad that Mr. Terry has given this intimate picture of Tom and his mother, and the unfolding of their relationship.”—Josephus Daniels, Raleigh (N.C.) News & Observer $3.00


You can order your books through the Virginia Quarterly Book Service.

A Selective List

FICTION  edited with an introduction by Barrel

Readers who have wished that more of  LClurk- Ninc, ofthe l)lavsaresel «*t|

E. M. Forstcr’s work was obtainable on  fromth,c 20-volume series of America’*

this side of the Atlantic will be glad to  Lof }lay »> f” ’”1 , ? Mr-.Clark; one;

learn that four of his novels have been re-  ’ rh « Eighty Dollar, by Benjamin Woolf,

printed. “The Longest Journey” and “A  ms ‘ “therto been unpublished. A check

Room with a View” are now issued by New  1,stoft„e, lo*t VW* 18 appended

Directions [$1 each]. “Where Angels  [Princeton .$8.7/$]. Selected Essays,”by

Fear to Tread” and “Howard’s End” are  WMdc Montaigne inc hides fourteen of

brought out by Knopf [$2.50 each]. For-  t„ccssa)’sinncw, translation by Donald

ster’s most popular novel, “A Passage to  M- I,ra,nc » whoalso supplies the intro-

India,” has been available in the Modern  (iuctionandn„tcs- r„ « f()r,natisthc «â– !’

Library Series for some time [95 cents].  form8(),)(!r0IU!, 0t„cC{a »sic » Club

Another novel that has been difficult to  fW « tcpJ- 1J,aik » » c-entsl. A note-

find of late years is Evelyn Waugh’s “De-  worthy reprinting is that of various of

eline and Fall.” This burlesque of some  Wiliam James works. The three volume*

of the more ludicrous features of the twen-  includc Pragmatism ^ 11)07); Essay*

tics is now reprinted, with illustrations by  RftIdkal ^mpiricisiii (1912) and ”A

the author [Little, Brown, $2.50]. “The  Pli’ralist.c Universe (1009); and En

Ox-Bow Incident,” by Walter Van Tilburg  “W* °” lllith aml Morals, “elected by

Clark, was popular when first published  UalP,| BarA »n1orr.vfr(>mfourothcvo1-

in 1940. Now that it has been success-  ” »> « » h.V William James [Longmans, Green

fully filmed, it should attract even more  *2J5 ° vnolii’

readers. A new edition has just been  MISCELLANEOUS

brought out by Penguin Books [25 cents].  Anintcmitingri)rint)andatimcIyone>

A fourth edition of George W. Bagby s  jnHcofth(, ffl(,ttatthcbookfi„t

‘Ihe Old Virginia Gentleman and Other  amlnolcJIlff(!Puffothnn 1941, is that

Sketches, edited and arranged by his  ()fnehcemWc,stH «BlftckLnml)nndGre*

daughter Ellen M. Bagby, and keeping the  Fnlcon. AJourm.ythrough Yugoslavia/’

earlier introduction by Thomas Nelson  T)lismyf(,(iitj()n /, |n()nevolumejbulk<

Page, is issued by Diets* [$3.50]. Lovers  ,)utcntohamUc>nnd|snlfj()less ^

of tales of fantasy and the supernatural  ivcth|mth(1(.ar,i(M. two.volllineedl*

will find much to interest them in “Thc  Uon (“Viking $8.95]. “John Browii

Moonlight Traveler,” selected and with  1800_185$>. A Biography Fifty Yearl

an introduction by Philip Van Doren Stern  A(tcr.. ,)yQswaI(1Garrison yillard, vai

[Doubleday, Doran $3.00].  (irstpubIish(,(1in , «)10, reprinted for th|

iTWDA-mnr axtt^ ntrrrncAntrv  fourth time in 1929, and now, after hfi

LITERAIURE AND PHILOSOPHY  Jngm(t()fprintforMmcjsbroug{|

“Fifteen Greek Plays,” translated into  out for the fifth time, with a new Forth English by Gilbert Murray and others and  word by the author, textual correction^ edited with an introduction by Lane  fresh critical addenda, and a revised bib-Cooper and a supplement from thc “Po-  liography [Knopf $5.00], Henry Seidel ctics” of Aristotle, is a revised i «nd ex-  Canby’s “Thoreau,” first issued in 1989^ panded edition of Mr. Cooper’s earlier  is re-issued, with interesting illustration*) collection, “Ten Greek Plays.” A list of  by Houghton Mifflin [$2.50]. An inex-useful books, compiled by Mr. Cooper, is  pensive reprint of John Hersey’s “InW also added [Oxford $4.00]. Ten of the  the Valley,” with its forceful illustration* most famous “lost plays” of nineteenth-  by Major Donald L. Dickson, U. S. M. C,i century American dramatists arc now in-  should extend even further thc. number 01, eluded in a single volume, “Favorite Amcr-  readers of this “Imperative” book [Poc* lean Plays of thc Nineteenth Century,”  ket Books 25 cents].


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