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ISSUE:  Summer 1978

He never realized he could come apart,
assumed the hand was tied
forever to wrist and arm.
The first day he slips a finger
under Anne’s door and leaves it there.
She doesn’t seem to mind.
But Susan lives three miles away
and he has to pedal to her house.
He plants a foot in her garden
where parents won’t find it
and lopsides home.
Then there is Roxanne and penny-breasted Deborah
and an unpronounceable blond
he knows as Rundble Spoon.

After a while he hasn’t much left
for himself. He decides
to call in his parts.
But they don’t come.
He digs with his stump in Roxanne’s garden
but finds only a dead cat,
lifts the hem of Deborah’s skirt
to a passle of giggles.
They’ve all forgotten his gifts,
say Shoo shoo with their own hands
and move to different cities.


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