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Rumors of Topography

ISSUE:  Fall 2012

Titled with a phrase from Michael Ondaatje

First, decide where water stops
And ice begins. Then, where ice

Ends and land takes over. As if

You will ever see the land, here,
Or anything lying under the ice

That cannot shrug it off. Try,

Beginning from the other end, to discern
Exactly the line between sky

And cloud, cloud

And mountain. Nobody’s settled
Anything yet. Try to decide

Where the horizon locates itself
And whether the sun hovers above it

Or, selfless illusionist, has merely

Projected itself on the air: all
For your pleasure, that show of light

The moment darkness descends

And threatens not to lift. For months, also
For your pleasure, the question: Where

Darkness ends and you begin.


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