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“Confessions of a Darwinist”

PUBLISHED: February 12, 2006

In celebration of today being Darwin Day, we’re offering a sneak peek of an essay by Niles Eldredge (“Confessions of a Darwinist”) from our forthcoming Spring issue which features a portfolio of essays on Darwin, evolution, and intelligent design. Eldredge is best known as the codiscoverer with Stephen Jay Gould of the theory of punctuated equilibrium—a milestone in evolutionary theory. He is curator of Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History and curated the “Darwin” exhibit that’s currently running at the Museum.

Other highlights of our Spring issue (due early April) are essays by David Quammen, Michael Ruse, Thomas Eisner, and Robert M. Sapolsky on Darwin and evolution; a symposium on Adrienne Rich, including new work by her; a new short story by Francine Prose; and an excerpt from Marjane Satrapi’s forthcoming graphic novel Chicken with Plums.

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