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The Silver Bird

ISSUE:  Summer 1929

Dear, should the wonder cease,
And the glory fail,
Go from me—
Not for peace
Shaken and pale,
Shall memory avail.
If the silver bird of love
Fret for the wind,
Loose her to stars above,
Free her to find
The dream enshrined.
Break the silk cords, my dear,
O silently;
Let be no blinding tear,
No agony,
‘Twixt thee and me.
Melt from my arms away,
Snow-flake, fire-spark;
Then take the sun from the day,
The moon from the dark,
The sap from the bark,
That my love and I may be one
With the vanished light,
Grateful for love begun
When spring was white;
Love ended, glad of night.


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