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The Star Was Hidden Behind A Day Old Cloud

ISSUE:  Autumn 1980
How could it have happened
She kept saying The night

Pouring down like rain
Darkening everything

The needles of pine
The nests in the elm

The night rising out of the ground
Darkening everything

Except those little cubes
Of light beneath the peaked roofs

Her tears pouring down
Like night  So dark and

Full We forgot about
The boy lying there on the lawn

Dressed all in white clothing
As if he glowed in the dark

Like a tiny cloud  Her
Tears were perfect  Her

Voice was beautiful  The
Hideous city was never

So far away  Our lives
Were never so distant

As we listened entranced by
The lovely woman  Her voice

Rising with the siren
Rising beyond us

She kept saying
How could it have happened

That is my mother
Her name is Mona

That child is me
My name was Jack


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