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ISSUE:  Summer 1981

in this exploded diagram of my heart, the large
chambers, home of my love for you, are seen to enclose
constellations, memories of loves long gone, vague
designs hovering above the immense expanse of now.

watch as I try to bring one of these loosely-tied
bundles of light closer: a scene may form, hands & lips,
& stroke us both freshly as at first—but no, in coming
closer the stars move apart, identities dissolve. How

massive the past is, & the unknown! Everywhere faces gleam,
in every shadow, but recede or reveal other faces below,
beyond, beneath them.
          I am voyaging out, minute from many
perspectives, but where I am, a light, and drawn to light.

And here you are, vast as the sky, object of desire, source
of light, yet still surrounded & pierced through with night.


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