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Suddenly Signs

ISSUE:  Summer 2006

Suddenly signs along the way were new,
not seen before, but those too petered out.
Now he was on a route
           his own mistake
           made possible.

With which he could console himself: this was
America for him, he made a name
of his own Christian name
           as if misheard
           in a language

spoken here. He rolled the window down
however, to hear anything but wind sound.
He parked on a leafy bend,
           slammed all four doors,
           jangled his keys,

and strode until the water in the long grass
made him clogs for shoes, and two cold feet
to feel with. His shocked suit
           began to cling
           to everything.

Soon he was in a state of being sure
whatever happened happened for a reason,
that he had a destination,
           that the sole light
           in the spun trees

was lit for him. He made of his discomfort
armor, of his loneliness a choir
of wonder near and far,
           and the small house
           with the shone lamps

he made his own discovery. He meant
to cross the clearing to the open door
but in one step was there,
           and stooping down
           he entered in.


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