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Terra Lab

ISSUE:  Fall 2012

We are not allowed to take photographs.
Not allowed to tell you certain things
Or which things those are. The screens

Display results if you know how to read
Blues and yellows spiking and shading, showing

The eye how much noise there is
At each frequency. This place is clean,
Electromagnetically speaking. We can hear

Lightning strike anywhere in the world, shifted
Electrons whistling and cracking, diving

Back to earth, the wind playing
Its parts. If a nuclear bomb goes off
The instrument will notice. It moves its flibberty-

Bits faster than sound. This I believe
I’m allowed to tell you. I’m not allowed

To show you how it’s done. Above us
The ozone layer thickens and thins, and somebody
Knows that too. A machine collects air

And turns it into numbers; someone plays
The guitar leaning in the corner. Me, I can’t

Stop listening to the weather. Picture
Disturbance, and with it a sky you knew gone
Static, pin-pricked, too dark.


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