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Hard Headed Blues

ISSUE:  Winter 2004

Me & the Devil are rivals
for God’s affection.

I can’t say who wins.
My father’s name

is Fate,
my son’s Sin.

My guard dog’s got laryngitis
& knows just one trick—

how to let folks in.

Came home early to find
my fiancee stolen—

her ring’s gone to pawn
& my television’s walked off—

Can’t say I mind
that girl’s gone

& that crackerjack ring wouldn’t
cut anything

but why take my Zenith
with the good reception

& leave the one
with sound alone?

I tried but God’s
still unlisted.

I don’t mind using
love letters for fire

but at least leave me
some whiskey

to fan it higher.

Order your air-
conditioned coffin today.

I’m sick of listening
to beauty

pageants, I can’t say
who wins. They keep on

rescheduling Armageddon

but only seats I can get
are in the nosebleed section.

Even Heaven
has evictions.

By accident
my obit ran early

& only the taxman
& that damn dog showed

to mourn me,
his bark’s mute trumpet

my only eulogy.


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