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Jordan W. Lint, Installment #7

ISSUE:  Summer 2010

Editor’s Note: Chris Ware contributes the sixth installment of “Jordan W. Lint,” a “serialized pictorial fiction,” to the Fall 2009 issue of VQR. Ware’s new project tells the story of the fictional Jordan W. Lint by illustrating single days from each year of his life. The first thirteen years of Lint’s life are featured in the Zadie Smith-edited anthology The Book of Other People (Penguin, 2008). The second fourteen years were featured in our Winter 2008 issue, the next six years in our Spring 2008 issue, the following eight years in our Fall 2008 issue, the next recent eight years in our Spring 2009 issue, and the most recent eight years in our Summer 2009 issue. Future installments of “Jordan W. Lint” will appear in VQR as Ware completes them. Click on the images below to view them at a larger size. Due to copyright restrictions, we can only provide the first two pages online.


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