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Submission Bins, Free to a Good Post Office

PUBLISHED: September 28, 2007

It’s been three weeks since we launched our electronic submission system. Print submissions are mailed back with a note, asking authors to resubmit through our website. Only a few dozen print submissions languish in the vicinity of our editor’s desk, awaiting his final decision, having receiving a thumbs up from readers. For presumably the first time since 1925, the stream of paper has dried up. This is what’s become of our incoming submission bins:


Incidentally, it was widely reported in 2002 that white plastic mail bins (or “flat tubs”) disappear at the rate of five to ten million per year. They cost $3.25 to manufacture, and the fine for stealing them is $1,000. They’re also fantastically useful storage containers. Which is why the USPS will happily take back wayward flat tubs with no questions asked. It looks like somebody here will be taking a trip to the post office.

Not it.


sangeeta deogawanka's picture
sangeeta deogawanka · 16 years ago
Do keep your mail bins. Hopefully they will age gracefully like all postal material, and you could then auction it a few decaeds later !

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