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VQR Facebook Group, Newsletter

PUBLISHED: April 14, 2008

VQR has a Facebook group now, which you can join to make sure your friends know that you’re cooler than them, because you read VQR. (“Me ‘n’ VQR, we’re like this.”) Facebook being Facebook, you can also keep up with every twitch and grunt of VQR. And we will own you in Scrabulous.

We’ve got a newsletter, too. It’s not a daily or a weekly deal (I wouldn’t have time to write it and you wouldn’t have time to read it), but something closer to once a month. It’ll tell you what new features we’ve got on the website, what we’ve got planned for upcoming issues, about events around the country involving our contributors, and general news about the publication. (A couple of samples will give you an idea of what you’re in for: 1, 2.) If you’re interested, you can sign up right here:

If all of this seems like a little much for you, then you could just sign up to hear from us quarterly. Call me crazy, but I think that might just catch on.


Wistar Watts Murray's picture
Wow. The VQR is officially cooler than me. You beat me to Facebook. At least I’ll always have Friendster. And AOL chat.

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