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VQR profiled in Richmond, VA weekly

PUBLISHED: June 28, 2006

Richmond’s Style Weekly has a very nice profile of VQR and me in their new issue. Amy Biegelsen is kind to me, mostly—though she couldn’t resist making fun of my wearing socks and sandals. Luckily, Michael Schaub over at Bookslut notes that, despite the sandals, “Genoways is a tough-looking dude who looks like he could kick your ass.” Now that’s the kind of press coverage I’m looking for. Schaub suggests that I should go around picking fights with people like Louis Menand. But after what Tom Bissell writes in our new issue, I’m more worried about being ambushed by Robert D. Kaplan—who looks reasonably tough himself. That fight looks way too fair for my tastes. I prefer the sound of Michael Schaub: “doughy and pasty, like an undercooked croissant with glasses.” Now that’s a cage match I can win.

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