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A sinecure of fashion. That's what he was before the illness. I like that word, sinecure. Sometimes I think I've been waiting for the right moment to use it. My father used long words and difficult words when he censured us. Like the time Andy and [...]

Creation Rites

. . .some average of the holiness in every person you have ever run into, consider this, something almost like a wall covered in green vines, an emblem for the spirit, or if not that, what happens when two lovers stand among bushes in a [...]

Ars Poetica II

I find, after all these years, I am a believer—
I believe what the thunder and lightning have to say;
I believe that dreams are real,
        and that death has two reprisals;
I believe that dead leaves and black water fill my heart.



Here in this wadi we lived during the war.
Many years have passed since then, many victories
and many defeats. I have gathered many consolations in my life