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Reunion In the Recovery Room

First there were two of me, no doubt because I could not move and could not speak. Wrapped snug as mummies or cigars, they looked larval, inept and cold, and lay swaddled in anesthesia as I peered down on them—so there were three of us—and on my [...]

A Diner

Ithaca, NY, 1972 Saturday mornings I'd take my young sons to breakfast while my wife slept late. They liked to spin on the counter stools, so I plunked myself between them and slowed them down, left, right, left, right, until our food came: juice, [...]

The Cats

Gregor Mendel, 1857 Up the monastery walls, the brewery's yeast-scent huffles. And the dusty cat, stretched high over warm stones, swings its blunt snout this way and that, yeast-ward and monk-ward, from release to salvation. In the bright sun he [...]

The Conversation

Sun flickers through the trees beyond the window outside the room in which we sit all morning, talking around the table whose wooden surface quickens with shuttled light and shade, leaf shadow and sun both weaving and woven, each by each, as if the [...]


There is a Florida beyond the stars.
It is the same state I find waking here,
alone with my aloneness in the dark,
all things now possible because my own.