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Photograph by Johan Hallberg-Campbell

Revival of the Ice Canoe (print only)

  A half hour to race time, the snow still coming down, Jean Anderson had a decision to make: canoe number 79, or 181. Number 181 was new, state of the art, the best canoe Anderson had engineered. Whereas 79 was a warhorse, banged up by i [...]

Photo by Eman Helal

Power Jam

Nouran Elkabbany’s family wasn’t thrilled about the idea of her joining a roller derby team. They worried about all the ways she might damage her body. 

Photography by Ryan Spencer Reed


Erika Meitner's poetry and prose, combined with photography from Ryan Spencer Reed, take us inside the city of Cleveland during the Republican National Convention.

My Fight

At the 2012 Olympic Games, boxing allowed female competitors for the first time. Katie Taylor of Ireland took a gold medal. She was inspired by pioneering Irish boxer and World Champion Deirdre Gogarty. This is the story of how a teenage Gogarty began her fierce ascent when it was still illegal for women to enter the ring. 

“My good woman, you are a man!”

September 3, 2009

What will happen to Caster Semenya if it turns out that some part of her anatomy or biochemistry does not conform to a biological picture of sex in which internal, external, and chromosomal status all match?