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Spring 2018

Spring 2018

Volume 94, Number 1

The spring issue showcases the idea of resilience, and what we invest in others: a young mother’s unwavering optimism as she seeks asylum in the US; a medical examiner turned deacon, whose answer to the opioid crisis is to minister to at-risk youth; artist Chris Russell’s detailed, democratic figure drawings of his fellow commuters on New York’s subways; and Leslie Jamison’s tour of Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships.

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Recent Issues

Spring 2018

Table of Contents


Writing Against Type (print only)

The Final Act (print only)


Rosi’s Choice (print only)


Revival of the Ice Canoe (print only)

Mere Virtuosity (print only)

The Male Glance (print only)

Seeker (print only)


The Humanity Notebooks (print only)


Fat Swim (print only)

The Obituary (print only)

Trout (print only)


The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez II (print only)

The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez III (print only)

Collective Memory (print only)

Texas Killing Fields (print only)

Drawing Water (print only)

History Lesson (print only)

Fosters Freeze (print only)

Resembling Flowers Resembling Weeds (print only)

Of Being Sick and Tired (print only)

The Thoroughbred (print only)

My Nothings (print only)

The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez I (print only)


A Literature Worth Loathing (print only)

The Journalist and the Masturbator (print only)

Author Profiles

Leslie Jamison, a VQR Editor at Large, is the author of The Empathy Exams (Graywolf, 2014), a New York Times best-selling essay collection, and a novel, The Gin Closet (Free Press, 2010).

Lili Loofbourow has written for the New York Times Magazine, the New Republic, Slate, Boston Review, and the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Chris Russell is a visual artist whose art and writing has been published in the Believer, Literary Hub, Muftah, Poetry Ireland Review, and Higher Arc, among other places.