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Lauren Simkin Berke

Lauren Simkin Berke is an American artist and illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. Working in ink and watercolor on paper, Lauren creates images for clients such as the New York Times, Smithsonian, Simon & Schuster, and Rémy Martin.


Culture vs. Civilization [private]

Spring 2018 | Essays

You and I are members of a culture. Likely we are members of different cultures. Mine—one of mine, anyway—is South by Southwestern folded up into a Jesuitical Irishness tempered with first-generation punk rock. Yours may be Puritan, or Huguenot, or heavy metal. Whatever it is, it holds deep meaning—for culture, in the classic anthropological definition, is the sum of a set of beliefs and practices that go into making you and me part of the world, and sometimes very different worlds.

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Is It Just, or Is It Fair?

Fall 2017 | Articles

The book of Kings tells that the mothers of two newborns approached Solomon, that wise ruler, to settle a dispute. One of the babies had died, and each woman insisted that she was the mother of the survivor.