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Taylor Callery

Taylor Callery’s work has been featured in Harper’s, Newsweek, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Smithsonian, the Atlantic, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Money Magazine, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and more than eighty-five other national and international publications. Taylor has also been recognized by prominent entities such as American Illustration, the New York Society of Illustrators, 3x3 Magazine, and Communic-
ation Arts.


Illustration by Taylor Callery

Out Came the Girls

Fall 2017 | Essays

Here is an image, picked from the notebooks of an eleven-year-old girl in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin: a head portrait, in pencil, of a man in a dark suit and tie. His long neck is white, and so is his face—bald and whited-out, with hollows where his eyes should be. 

Here is another: an androgynous kid (a girl, like the artist?) in a sweatshirt and flared jeans leaping across the page. She has huge, glassy black eyes and dark, stringy hair; she reaches out with one hand and brandishes a dagger in the other. Filling the page around her, tiny rainbows and clouds and stars and hearts—all the signatures of the little girl the artist recently was—burst in a fireworks display. 

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