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The Answer Man

ISSUE:  Spring 1982

in the midst of all this mystery
I am here with answers

I have a letter of recommendation from a rose-thorn

my credentials are under the care and feet
of the oldest goat in Garver County

I have two degrees in sunlight
and a third in glass

insomnia is the key

a noise in the night
stops and for no reason you know
you have done something important

some part of your evening speech
has grown a body
while you faded into your green armchair

it shines finally in your dreams
like ice

outside the blue door
a red car sitting silently on the lawn

instruments of torture line its dreams

you stand once more in the kitchen
whispering devotions to the empty cup

let me give you this award for carelessness
it can be given only once

the landscape defined by one stick
or the bird that has flown from it

your dream
the yellow reed-light of the marsh
a floating animal
threaded to the water by soft spiders
long since gone to another family of delicate loss

and it finally strikes me
that sorrow does not make a good desk

ask only for water and a knife
with this everying can be proven


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