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Day 2  (Nov. 23, 2015)<br>watercolor, gouache, graphite, color pencil on paper, 7 x 6 in.<br><i>Four women arrested for counterfeit items at holiday fair.</i>

Diary of a Radio Junkie [private]

 All artwork is from Elise Engler’s Diary of a Radio Junkie: Days and Days of Waking Up to the News.The premise was simple: a daily visual diary of the news—specifically, the first story she heard when she turned on the radio each morning. F [...]

VQR Online

First Loves Playlist

February 16, 2014

When anyone mentions the 1980s, it depends on what ’80s they are talking about. It wasn’t all Day-Glo colors and jean miniskirts (sadly); nor was it hair metal, parachute pants, and white-collared dress shirts. Do you mean the ’80s when rap was growing up and we used mixtapes like currency? Or when I would wear Chuck Taylors and rolled-up Levis and get yelled at for dressing differently?

The Golden Triangle

December 28, 2011

Louie Palu describes his twelve years of photographing the mines and mining towns of the Canadian Shield