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My name comes from a man Inever knew, his name comesfrom a man he never knew, itgoes like that all the way downuntil the thread is lost. Itcomes from the Irish word flann—meaning ruddy, or red-faced.The landlord stands in his manor,looks out over h [...]

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The Iguanas Skitter Through the Cemetery by the Sea

September 11, 2023

 Viejo San Juan, Puerto RicoThe iguanas slither from the branches of trees splintered by the hurricanes. The iguanas crawl from the cracks in the ground split by the earthquakes. The iguanas rise from brown floodwaters that carry bridges to the [...]

Isabela’s Red Dress Flutters Away

September 11, 2023

For LaurenThe other teachers warned you: She will curse you out. She said: I thought  you would be just another white bitch, but you’re not. You heard Isabela improvise a bilingual trumpet solo of obscenities to blast the faces of the boys ci [...]

If I Were Not Alexander

December 3, 2020

I would be Diogenes. Swing my lamp
through these dishonest days in search.
I myself have looked the known world
over and given everything a new name.