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to wait and want

chicken breast soaked in vanilla, 
aluminum foil and leather doused in WD-40,
one day on a pack of green apple bubble gum. 
lured a large swirl around a grapevine, lead to a plastic bag 


“Up!” she signals, syllabic cup
     meaning wherever I am now—up
or down—floor, high chair—change direction!—


Ancestral or learned, such threats, 
   tonight’s charry staircase of heaven—
crash, storming, splitting flicker shards,

VQR Online

Children in America

December 3, 2020

go to the library to learn how to administer NARCAN
to stop their mother or father’s heart from overdosing. 

Mostly Hamburg: ’72

December 3, 2020

Confusion is the foreigner’s advantage. Natives 
tamp the nuance in their sounds. Stranger 
seeking refuge pockets vowels, picks gesture,
learns body, gets caught up on the cobble 


December 3, 2020

to practice intense study. to research. to seek again. to require confirmation,
a proof. to believe.     to believe in knowing because it can be said
again and again. the proving of a theorem.    now the corollary: to have learned