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Edward Hopper’s New York Office

ISSUE:  Fall 2012

Maybe the letter isn’t from a lover the letter is a layoff letter a lay aside letter
a lay into letter maybe the letter says you are an employee of me and I certainly

expect you to come to the meeting about me my two-year-old says me don’t have
me me me me my tooth hurts my head hurts my foot hurts me have boo boo

and here and there and there and here I can never see them these boo boos
me can never see them cannot see anything maybe her letter is a DMV letter

telling her to get a smog certification with the registration fee the license fee the
weight fee the special plate fee the county district fees the owner responsibility fee

the smog abatement fee maybe if the DMV didn’t send so many bills the woman
would work for a different boss in a different building in a city with wind in a

building with a window one in a different city where the boss would certainly
expect her to attend the weekly meeting


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