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The Green-Room

ISSUE:  Winter 1934

makes his home in London. He recently spent a college year at his American alma mater as Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry. Among his most widely read poetical works are “The Waste Land” and “Ash Wednesday.” In the field of criticism, he published only last year a volume of “Selected Essays” (Harcourt, Brace). “Personality and Demonic Possession” marks his first appearance in The Virginia Quarterly Review.

Helen Hill is an economist who possesses an intimate knowledge of post-war Germany. Eugene M. Kayden is a native of Russia who at present occupies the chair of economics in the University of the South. Harry Clemons lived for fourteen years in China, where he was Librarian of the University of Nanking, and has long been a student of Chinese literature. Charles David Abbott and Ford K. Brown are both ex-Rhodes Scholars. Mr. Abbott has often contributed to the Virginia Quarterly. Mr. Brown, besides his Rhodes Scholarship, held a Guggenheim Fellowship from 1928 to 1930. He is now engaged in a, study of Puritan reform in England from 1780 to 1837, which he proposes to call “Victorians before Victoria.” He is professor of English in St. John’s College, Annapolis. Thomas P. Abernethy is an historian who has studied particularly the revolutionary and early national periods of American history. James C. Bardin, professor of Spanish in the University of Virginia, has a first-hand knowledge of contemporary Mexico, and has visited that country frequently as a student of its Indian culture. His particular interest is the civilization of the Mayans. John Donald Wade is a member of the English faculty of Vanderbilt University and won his spurs in the field of Southern biography. Lincoln Kir-stein is editor of the literary quarterly, Hound and Horn, which has achieved under his guidance an enviable standard of excellence. John Cournos, whose article, “The New Middle Ages,” appeared in the October issue of the Virginia


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