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The Green-Room

ISSUE:  Summer 1944

modem Italian History to officers in Yale’s Civil Affairs Training School and to G. I.’s in the Army Specialized Training Program. “Normally,” according to him, “I teach and write British History and as a Guggenheim Fellow after July I am going to do a book on British Allegiance.” Eugene M. Kayden is professor of economics at the University of the South and the author of “Consumers’ Co-operation in Russia before and during the World War.”

William Sener Rusk writes that “the only recent item outside the routine of teaching has been an article in the American Scholar in March, ‘New Dimensions and the Arts,’ in which I tried to suggest

the new world that the artist must interpret for us if he is to maintain his Iegiti-inate place with scientist and mystic as a leader of his fellows.” Stephen D TVttle, assistant professor of music at the University of Virginia, has collected transcribed, and edited the hitherto unpublished keyboard music of the sixteenth English composer William Byrd in a book published in 1.041 by the Editions de L’Oiseau-Lyre in Paris.

F. Cumvoimi Flint has frequently contributed to the Virginia Quarterly, He is a member of the English Department of Dartmouth College. Dan S, Norton, a native Californinn, teaches English at the University of Virginia.


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