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Man From Oblivion

ISSUE:  Autumn 1991
Here is a list of what grows
in your yard: tulips in May;
summer, lilies; the perennial bed
you plotted yourself. An inventory
of your pets: one dog, two cats.
Each can fetch its own food.
A map of your route to work.
The clerks can remind you what you do.

A photograph: July’s bluest day.
You on the Brooklyn Bridge.
The dark-haired man is your best friend.
The blonde in the black dress,
her fist against your jaw? Those
are her clothes on your bedroom floor.

Once you shot a hole-in-one.
In the sun, your nose burns first.
Stay away from gin and olives,
German opera, wool socks.

A card for your wallet: Today
Is the Last Day of Your Past.
A mirror. Study this face.


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