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My Dear Love

ISSUE:  Winter 1941

“Look up, my dear, at the dark
Constellations above.”
“Dark stars under green sky.
I lie on my back and harken
To the music of the stars,
My dear love.”

“You and I, my dear love,
Shall never die, never die,”
“Not again, my dear love.
Lie on your back and hark
The music of moon and stars,
My dear love.”

“Why do you never lie
On my breast, my dear love?”
“Oh, that was another sky.
Each one of us on his own,
Each on his own back-bone,
My dear love.”

“Is that the law of this land,
Each one of us on his own?”
“Oh yes, we are underground 
With the elves and fairies: lonely
Is the word in this country,
My dear love.”

“What? A law in this land 
That breast may never meet breast?” 
“After while you will understand.
The mole is our moon, and worms 
Are the stars we observe,
My dear love.”


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