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David J. Morris on the Surge in Iraq

April 16, 2007

David J. Morris, author of "The Big Suck: Notes from the Jarhead Underground" (in our Winter 2007 issue), was interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for a story on the new US strategy in Iraq (he's at the 10 minute mark). Morris also [...]

Podcast of David Morris Interview

February 12, 2007

David Morris, author of "The Big Suck: Notes from the Jarhead Underground" in the Winter issue of VQR, is interviewed at Charlottesville's WINA Radio. Interview is available as streaming media or a downloadable podcast. [...]

John Ghazvinian Interviewed

January 12, 2007

John Ghazvinian, author of "The Curse of Oil" in the new issue of VQR, will be interviewed today at 5:00 p.m. by Coy Barefoot on Charlottesville radio station WINA. A podcast of the interview should be available early next week and we'll supply a lin [...]

Pauline Chen reviewed in NYT

January 11, 2007

Williams Grimes reviews Pauline Chen's book Final Exam: A Surgeon’s Reflections on Mortality (Knopf) in today's New York Times. Grimes praises the work as a series of thoughtful, moving essays on the troubled relationship between modern medical [...]

Alan Heathcock on NPR

August 30, 2006

Alan Heathcock was interviewed on an Idaho NPR radio show, "New Horizons in Education." A good part of the interview is spent discussing "Peacekeeper"—which originally appeared in VQR and has since won the National Magazine Award for Fiction and be [...]

Brock Clarke Podcast Interview

August 27, 2006

Kevin Holtsberry, author of the Collected Miscellany blog, has a podcast interview with Brock Clarke, largely centered on Clarke's essay "The Novel is Dead, Long Live the Novel," from the Summer issue of VQR. [...]

James Othmer Interviewed

June 21, 2006

Ernie Schenck interviews James Othmer about his new novel The Futurist and his time in the advertising industry, at Schenck's blog "Ernie Schenck Calls This Advertising?". Q: I’m Malcolm Gladwell. I’ve just read The Futurist. Should I be offen [...]

Interview with Kenyon Review Editor

April 13, 2006

I found it a over month late, but here's a nice interview with David Lynn, editor of the Kenyon Review, by John Sledge, the Books columnist of the Mobile (AL) Register. (Brief registration may be required.) Sledge offers that he plans to interview Br [...]

Interview with Bret Lott, editor of the Southern Review

March 20, 2006

Via Bookslut, the Mobile Register interviews Bret Lott, editor of the Southern Review. Q: Who are some of the contemporary Southern writers that you are excited about? A: There's a young poet named Beth Bachmann who teaches up at Vanderbilt ab [...]