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Caroline Hockenbury

Caroline Hockenbury is a multimedia journalist, poet, literary translator, and standardized-testing tutor based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Formerly a VQR editorial assistant, she has seen her writing featured by LEO Weekly, Virginia’s Best Emerging Poets, LittleThings, Movable Type, and the Virginia Literary Review, among other publications. She formerly produced a podcast series through WUVA News and holds a BA in Media Studies and Poetry Writing from the University of Virginia.


Photo by John Ricard

Voice, Diction, and Influence

August 29, 2018 | Interviews

Mitchell Jackson began fastening the hashtag #litlifeislife onto his Instagram posts as early as September 2014. He has since adopted it as his unofficial catchphrase. The slogan is scattered generously across his feed, slapped onto snapshots of colleagues’ newly published books, event posters for upcoming writing festivals, slides announcing literary contest award winners, and—most recently—manuscript stacks of the forthcoming Survival Math fanning across tables and bedsheets.