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Catherine Ryan Hyde

Catherine Ryan Hyde is the author of the novel Funerals for Horses (Russian Hill Press 1997), a collection of short fiction, Earthquake Weather (Russian Hill Press 1998), the novels Pay it Forward (Simon & Schuster Feb. 2000), Electric God (Simon& Schuster Nov. 2000), and Walter’s Purple Heart (Simon & Schuster 2002). Pay It Forward was made into a major motion picture. Each fall she teaches fiction workshops at the Cuesta College Writers’ Conference, and has recently joined the Santa Barbara Writers Conference teaching staff. She is fiction editor of Central Coast Magazine, and writes full-time.


Hurricane Laura

1. The Storm When you're outdoors at night in a howling gale-force wind, rain whipping into your face, clamping your ancient Weimaraner between your knees so he won't blow away, you need someone to reach out to you. Literally, and otherwise. You [...]