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David Lee Rubin

A contributor to Poetry, Quarterly Review of Literature, Chicago Review, and other journals, David Lee Rubin is the former chair of the VQR Poetry Board. An Emeritus Professor of French at the University of Virginia, he teaches humanities and argumentation in seminars for first-years as well as Great Books to senior citizens through the Center for Continuing Studies. He is the founding editor of two scholarly journals, Continuum and EMF, as well as editor-in-chief and publisher of Rookwood Press, which specializes in titles for research libraries.


Book Review: Bend it like Bhaskar

May 18, 2006 | Criticism

Shielding Her Modesty and Other Stories, by Sita Bhaskar. Frog Books, February 2006. $10 paper A native of India and longtime resident in the US, Sita Bhaskar focuses on the vexed interface between two cultures. Her stories are readable as transpa [...]

Book Review: Toward a new sub-genre?

March 18, 2006 | Criticism

Cultural (dis)Connections: Memoirs of a Surrealist Scholar, by Renée [Riese] Hubert. Black Apollo Press. March 2006. $21. Renée Hubert's friend and colleague Marjorie Perloff seems to have started it all: her Vienna Paradox (New Directions, 2004) [...]

A Crazy-Quilt Map

A New History of French Literature. Edited by Denis Hollier. Harvard. $49.95. This 1150-page volume sets the reader no easy task: to identify its genre, to isolate its successes from its failures, and to determine its usefulness to the numerous, a [...]

Professor Ellman’s Bicentennial Garland

The New Oxford Book of American Verse. Chosen and Edited by Richard Ellman. Oxford. $17.50. A'alid anthology is a pattern of resolved stresses: it delicately balances coherent editorial vision against the irreducible realities of the material itsel [...]

A Bee Out of the Hive

The Poet and the King. By Marc Fumaroli. Translated by Jane Marie Todd. Notre Dame. $29.95. Why have generations of French students (and foreign students of French) dutifully memorized and explicated a handful of poems by Jean de La Fontaine? I [...]