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Pierre Crabités


“Reconstruction” in the Holy Land

The Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917, dominates all discussions bearing upon the present status of Palestine. If one desires to understand the problem with which the Holy, Land is now confronted one should consult the exact text of that defini [...]

Toward a Foreign Policy

That it was the principle of self-preservation which defined the line of conduct of all of the belligerents in the great war has been forced upon me by a careful study of the causes leading up to that titantic struggle. This deduction fills me with a [...]

The Settlement of the Roman Question

I may be mistaken. My perspective may be all wrong and my focus may be out of line. It may be that I am reading through Catholic spectacles the newspapers which lie before me. But, as I seek to understand them, the impression is gradually becoming a conviction that they contain the most far-reaching news item of this generation.

The Mixed Courts of Egypt

When King Fuad Al Awal, the successor of the Pharoahs, declared on November 17, 1927, that Europe now looks with favor upon extending to criminal matters the competence of the Mixed Tribunals of Egypt, His Majesty paid the highest possible tribute to [...]

More Words With a Mummy

Autumn 1927 | Essays

We were a group of friends lunching together in Cairo. The afternoon was one just following the publication of the introductory articles descriptive of the tomb recently discovered within the shadow of the great pyramids. All told, we were eight, four women and four men.