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Jungle Jangle

ISSUE:  Summer 2015

sic on it, the cameras: witch-green greasepaint canopy—
pan down: the thick bamboo lattice
twine-bound—pan down: dirt with rags to gag up, 
hijab spinached between the dun incisors—zoom
in and rack: what’s that meat there, 
that bone there bindled in cured skin—presence:
fowl traffic, twittering pittas, bulbuls up-
ruffed, hum flies and flies plump as beans, boon
the snowy-browed, the rufous-chested singsong,
a jungle jangle—cut: her throat, his, rufous-chested,
that was was it months and months ago the camp 
boomed—boom: boomed shotgun out the shot, clean
—cut: too many damn birds, dirty—cut: we can’t use this—
wrap: getting late, woot, fight of the century’s on tonight.


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