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Slender the residence of immensity

ISSUE:  Summer 2018

   It frogs in from the front and fails.
   Concentric broadcasts summit the senses
       and slide the faculty a sleeping pill.

   I’m in a midsummer custody
  like spots caught midway up a giraffe.
     From the driving beard of permission
  the legation perishes into the coliseum.
      It’s a legitimate

 intimacy, the rose
 of the perishable orgy & geodesy
        sumptuous in the sextant’s shade.

   It’s a serious setback. The gasoline quivers
     a servile propinquity, swept by the
 greenbrier in a swivel chair
        but the lieutenant 

gourmet’s goldfish
  has gone unnourished again so has gone golfing
          blessed and blameless, bickering and salting.
   It’s an uneven undoing.

The thrush shods.
      The peacock packs a peach in the possible parenthesis.
  Heavyweight, the hearse crutches close
         the gazelles are enjoined. Extraordinary.
   Such scrollwork from such eye teeth.

            Hey, Travis, I’m at some bar in the Mission
       by myself and remembering last winter
     what we saw in Montana, stopped for gas
         as the first snow fell and we had to 
        go around the mountains

  the three blue 
   barrels that said deposit elk hides here 
     overflowing and even below freezing
         the death smell—it’s stayed with me, Travis.
   Thanks for help driving. Anyone else would have
          said too much about it

 Thought I’d tell you
   I was thinking about the invisible knots 
    that bind together the part of the world 
        I’m falling from to the end

 either like a gutter
  in pursuit or the prey, the elk on the trail
     antler-first. I want a late night with the wild 
 people who keep danger 

taped to the inside 
        of their encounters. I want to help them burn 
 down the company picnic

and remain 
           in their heads to show to the beautiful lizard inside
  help with the parcels and the empties
        and the next day unchanged or even tired.



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