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ISSUE:  Spring 2019


1. Dad, Don’t Be That Guy
2. Dad, Quoting the Wikipedia Isn’t Gospel
3. Dad, I’m Going to Take Those Away
4. Dad, I Warned You
5. Dad, the Doctor Said
6. I Couldn’t See This Coming, Not So Soon
7. When Do I?
8. Dad, There’s Life, and There’s Also Poetry
9. Sponge Bath
10. Hello, I Can’t Find My Pills
11. I Signed That Form
12. You Know You Didn’t Sign That Form
13. Sign the Form
14. She Never Learned Where the Dishes Go
15. If You Can’t Do This, the Doctor Says
16. I Left It Next To Your Bed
17. I Promise, Dad
18. Dad, Where’s Your Hat?
19. Dad, Did You Leave Your Hat in the Waiting Room?
20. No, This Is Not the Waiting Room



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